When I take stock of who I am and see that things are good
A thief comes in to steal my joy, accusing, “But you Should…”

“You Should be more productive.  Your body Should be slim
That person there is so well-liked, you Should be more like him.”

“How dare you be contented.  Your best will never do.
Try harder still,” his voice demands.  “Become a different you.”

I get back on the hamster wheel determined to improve
But hear him say to my dismay, “the finish line has moved.”

So now there is a rubble heap where my esteem once stood
Knocked down with cruel intention by the wrecking ball of Should

Then in a time of clarity I see I have a choice
I can choose to tune him out and hear a different voice

I hear, “I am accepted.”  I hear, “I am enough.”
And where I lack, God’s got my back.  I’m covered by His love

I’ll celebrate my talents working hard at what I do
I’m doing fine with my design, my limitations, too

I don’t do super-exploits.  Sometimes I wish I could
But I accept me as I am.  I’ve had enough of Should!

Copyright 2019 by Peter Cafarchio


  1. Well written and accurate. “Should” projects guilt and shame. I try to make it a code word so when I hear it or say it, the rest of the next sentence or two becomes gibberish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is well written and I totally identify with every word. I was able to work in my field of choice without any prior experience or degeree. I took it upon myself to complete the degree, and now all of the abiove occurs. My experience is too far back but my degree is more recent. I have a great and stable employement history, and have since completed a masters, but none of this is good enough.

    I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.

  3. This is powerful! I was fighting the “should” monster this morning thinking how I should have done this or that which almost paralyzed me from doing what was in front of me. Thank you for this fun way to take control!

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