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Hear What Some of Our Professional Clients Are Saying


“Knowing my strengths and weaknesses I have learned how to have a better work-life balance. Sometimes I need to say no which I have started to do more. I am more aware of how my strengths may come off in a negative manner to others. So I am more mindful of what I say and how I present it. In general, a better understanding of what makes me different from everyone else…I am very responsible with work, but I wasn’t putting that same level of energy into my husband and family. I have changed that for the better, and I can already tell the improvement.” Kristen Taylor, Infectious Disease Account Manager


“I was burned out and felt like I didn’t have a clear vision. I now have achieved a work/life balance and it has enabled other areas of my life to flourish. Once I started working with my coach I was able to identify my true vision, use that to craft meaningful goals, and realign my priorities. Each session we worked through external stressors and sticking points in my daily life as my coach guided me towards using my strengths to readjust my strategy. I found that by staying grounded by my vision, and most importantly gratitude, it was easier to make decisions, achieve balance, and stay on track. I wish I had done this years ago!” Katie, Military Leader


A regional sales director in a medical equipment company entered into his WeAlign coaching session tired, overwhelmed, and discouraged. After a warm initial conversation, and several minutes of reflective dialogue, the client realized he was paralyzed by fear. His company culture was one laden with threats and his superiors led by freely wielding fear. After the coach shared an easily repeatable neuroscience technique, the regional director came up with a plan to shield his team from the toxic environment and began leading with joy. The results were immediate and dramatic! Within two months, his region went from the bottom third in sales to #1. And it’s been sustained. They now have been the top-performing regional team for three quarters in a row, with increasing levels of productivity.

Hear What Some of Our
Team Clients Are Saying


“Each member gained a thorough understanding of their top strengths and weaknesses. They were equipped with skills in leveraging their strengths and weaknesses as they pursued personal and professional success. Our people were given insight into how each person’s strengths and weaknesses combine to create either success or conflict for our unit. Our group sessions helped break down some organizational barriers and set clear goals for our future. Overall, it was the best investment we’ve made in our squadron to date.” Jacoby Baker, Military Leader


“We have everyone’s strengths mapped out and know how to move forward more effectively. It allows us to understand one another and grow in patience toward each other.” – Sarah Showman


“I learned more about what causes my team to struggle and learned that the areas they struggle in are the areas I LOVE to work in. We went ahead and swapped projects right then and there.” – Brittany Barden

Hear What Some of Our
Personal Clients Are Saying


“I wasn’t trusting myself to achieve a goal or move through my day with ease. There was stagnant growth in my business, and I struggled to create processes and systems that work for me. I learned how to trust myself, I created and achieved goals that helped to grow my business, I stopped second guessing myself and trusted that I have the answers, I created processes and systems that work well for me and are aligned with my strengths. I pivoted my business into something that is more in line with my strengths and established personal and business systems, beliefs, and processes that help me to grow and feel good about the way I’m growing. Coaching is a catalyst to your growth! It can help you move through blocks, level up your biz, and grow personally much faster than trying to do it alone.” – Emily Hopper


“I’m a busy mom who was feeling like I had lost my sense of purpose; burned out; easily frustrated; unhappy. I had little left in me at the end of the day so my kids and husband got the short side of me most evenings. I also didn’t feel like I knew who I was anymore as a 33 year old. I realized the strengths I have are unique to ME and how to use them in a life-changing way. I started to feel more love and grace for myself and appreciated my uniqueness. I became a better wife and mom through this! By the time I finished coaching, I felt free and like a burden was lifted off my back. Any busy mom should really consider coaching to help them see their talents and true identity and worth.” – Joni

Hear What Some of Our
Ministry Clients Are Saying


As a ministry leader, it is so important to recognize your strengths and your blindspots. Through the coaching, I was affirmed and empowered as a competent leader, as well as given opportunity to grow in areas of weakness. I felt honored, celebrated, and empowered by my coaching session and am better equipped in leadership and life because of it!” – Laci Hill, Founder of Glad World Inc.


“Our sessions together have aided in bringing laser-focused direction to our company’s growing team, while challenging me to see with crystal clarity which priorities are worth bringing front and center. We’ll be recommending (if not requiring!) all our staff to spend invaluable coaching time with Daniel.”- Jason Ungos, Missionary and Business Owner


“Our coach was able to clear up 8 months of team conflict in a day or two, by asking very precise questions and clarifying intentions of the team members. This experience, both with personal and team coaching brought such peace, encouragement and energy towards my dreams, purpose and success.” – Marie S., Missionary Intern

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