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For coach resources including the Full 34 Coaching Process, please visit the Coach Resources page HERE.

Strengths-Based Coaching Course / ICF Course Certificate
Submit your certificate for the Strengths-Based Coaching Course or any other ICF certified course.

Associate Coach:
(Associate Coaches can coach clients through the Full 34 assessment and earn money)

       Candidate is coached through the WeAlign Full 34 StrengthsFinder 5-hour assessment
(cost $49.99 for assessment, $250 paid to Coach)
       Candidate completes Coach Application form and attaches resume – Coach Application
       Candidate has an interview with an Executive Coach.

Review –
          >> WeAlign Cultural Expectations
          >> Independent Contractor Agreement
          >> Direct Deposit form

 Candidate attends WeAlign Fast Start training (free) -or- WeAlign Orientation event ($1,250)

Congratulations! You are now a WeAlign Associate Coach!

Certified Coach:
(Certified Coaches can start earning on other coaches he or she has recruited.)

       Achieve Associate Coach status (see above)
       Attend a WeAlign Orientation event ($1,250 + T&E on your own)
       Attend the Strengths-Based Coaching course through PCCI ($750)
       Coach ten clients (with satisfactory feedback results) through the Full 34 Assessment – WeAlign Certification Survey

Congratulations! You are now a WeAlign Certified Coach!

Executive Coach:
(All Coaches are expected to obtain Executive Coach status within two years of joining WeAlign)

       Achieve WeAlign Certified Coach status (see above)
       Achieve ACC or PCC status from the International Coach Federation

We recommend PCCI for required coursework –
          >> Essentials Coaching Course $2,0001
          >> Coaching Skills $1,0002
          >> Mentor Coaching $1,5003
          >> ICF Application for ACC $500

Congratulations! You are now a WeAlign Executive Coach!

1. Essentials of Life Coaching or Leadership Coaching offered through PCCI: Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) gives WeAlign coaches a one-time discount of $200, code: WEALIGN. For these courses only.
2. Coaching Skill Development offered through PCCI
3. Can be offered by anyone already certified through ICF, price may vary.