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Danielle is a WeAlign Associate Coach and in the process of becoming certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Through coaching and StrengthsFinders, she wants to help teams see the importance of everyone being at the table, leaving little room for negativity or judgement. She desires to inspire people to see bigger possibilities and motivate them to actually make them happen. While encouraging people in the strengths, she challenges them to believe in their own potential to continue to grow and become who they were created to be.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and spent 12 years a graphic designer and marketer. The last 6 years working for a Christian non-profit, His Voice Global, also helping to develop leaders for their team and traveling overseas to assist their indigenous partnerships. After seeing the need for leadership development and coaching among clients and friends, she decided in 2018 to pursue professional coaching.

Danielle is a lover of food, traveling, entertainment, and books. She lives in Houston, Texas and loves attending high school sports with her husband, Johnny, who is a teacher and coach. They spend their summers traveling to new places and old favorites, such as Lake Tahoe and New York.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Woo, Maximizer, Strategic, Includer, Positivity

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