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Darcy Dunker partners with professionals to create powerful transitions through Strength-Based Coaching for individuals, groups, and teams. She brings positive energy, contagious enthusiasm, and extensive coaching experience to help professionals maximize their unique strengths and talents, crafting their largest life through a personal vision of success. With a knack for innovative possibilities and a powerful ability to recognize individual potential, Darcy empowers people to take action, leveraging what is already strong within to create lasting success.

Darcy’s diverse career path has provided her with valuable perspectives, having served as an economic analyst, radio personality, marketing manager, mathematics teacher, coach, mentor, and in strategic development, organizational development, and team development.

Having lived in six different countries and traveled to 42 more, Darcy has gained a worldly perspective and unique insights from international professionals. Her travels have taught her that everyone brings a uniqueness the world needs. An avid baseball fan, Darcy’s love for the game reflects her belief in teamwork, strategy, and the joy of celebrating every win.

Darcy’s core mission is to illuminate and leverage the unique strengths in each person, creating empowered individuals, teams, and organizations.

Through targeted inquiry, focusing on existing strengths, and strategic action, Darcy helps people get crystal clear on their goals, gain awareness of self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs, and develop new habits to show up fully in their strengths, creating the success they desire.

Key Strengths: WOO, Positivity, Includer, Communication, Strategic, Activator, Futuristic, Maximizer, Empathy, Developer

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