Strengths Alignment

Our proprietary process aligns you with who you are at your core and gives you the freedom to shed who you are not. You walk away more confident and resilient. You gain a new language to effectively communicate your strengths and needs. You learn how to manage your weaknesses.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching takes you to the place you have longed to go. We use the awareness you gain from knowing and understanding your strengths along with our specialized emotional intelligence expertise to accelerate you as you reach your goals. Our coaching guides you to be the person you are meant to be achieving all you wish to achieve.

Team Transformation

This service is for teams looking to gain higher self and group awareness, have a higher capacity to solve problems, obtain maximum effectiveness, and have greater enjoyment in work and life. Teams that complete this process walk away with a mutual understanding of their teammates’ strengths, weaknesses, and needs. They also gain practical, emotional intelligence skills.

Team Alignment

This service assists the leader who desires to gain a deeper understanding of how the talents of their team affect team dynamics and effectiveness. In addition to this understanding, the leader walks away with strategies on how to productively lead their team by utilizing their strengths.


Not ready to dive into our other services? Our coaches offer various strengths and emotional intelligence workshops. These workshops introduce you to the world of CliftonStrengths®, the neuroscience of joy and emotional intelligence.

Strengths Alignment

Are you ready to reach your potential? Together let’s study what is right with you.

The Process:

– Take the Gallup CliftonStrengths® 34 Assessment

– Meet with a personal coach for 5, 1-hour sessions to discuss all your strengths (not just the top five)

– Develop strategies to maximize your strengths and minimize time spent in areas outside of your strengths

– Implement the strategies to become your best, most authentic, joyful self

– We provide you with all the coaching materials and your individual strengths breakdown for future reference and continued learning

– (Optional) Additional coaching sessions to maintain progress toward your goals

Find a coach to take you through your strengths alignment:

If you have additional questions or need help choosing a coach CONTACT US

Individual Coaching

Are you ready to get exactly what you want and need? Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Whether you are a leader, team, or individual, we have a professional coach for you.

The Process:

– While it is not required, we recommend clients begin their journey with the Strengths Alignment Process. The self-awareness gained from this process greatly accelerates client results.

– Work with your coach to determine the frequency of coaching sessions.

What is coaching anyway?

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” ~ Sir John Whitmore, a Leading Figure in Executive Coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a journey of discovery and growth, through powerful questions, exploring new perspectives, and insightful reflection.

When working with a coach you have a partner that helps you navigate through the fog when you are not sure of your next step. The coach brings awareness of potential obstacles and explores the possible paths (some you did not see before working with your coach) until you confidently move forward and out of the fog.

Our coaches are credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, meaning they are held to the highest standards and ethics.

If you have additional questions or need help choosing a coach CONTACT US

Team Transformation

This is our highly sought-after premium package. This package brings all our proprietary CliftonStrengths34® coaching together with our highly researched emotional intelligence and neuroscience practices resulting in joyful, effective teams.

The Process:

– Every team member is taken through our 5-hour Strengths Alignment Process.

– Two WeAlign coaches lead your team in a live, high-impact seminar which includes:

    • Team review of Team Strengths Matrix revealing the talent layout of the team
    • Teammates’ strengths group affirmation exercise
    • Learn and practice emotional intelligence exercises to maintain healthy relationships during times of conflict or stress
    • Energy/Performance assessment to discover how to keep members in their productive zone

– (Optional Add-On) Ninety minutes of Team Leader coaching to develop team goals

– (Optional Add-On), one-hour coaching sessions with the Team Leader to monitor goal progress

This package can be customized based on client needs.


Team Alignment

This package is our ultimate package. Team members learn their strengths and a common language to discuss what drives them, increasing their emotional intelligence.

Team leaders gain insight into the talent layout of their team, strategies around how to best position their team, and support as they implement these strategies.

The Process:

– Every team member is taken through our 5-hour Strengths Alignment Process.

– The team leader receives a Team Strengths Matrix comparing each team member’s talents

– Ninety minutes of Team Leader coaching to develop team goals

– Two, one-hour coaching sessions with Team Leader to monitor goal progress



Whether you are looking to ease your way into learning your strengths and growing your emotional intelligence or looking to further your growth after completing one of our other services, our coaches have a workshop for you.

The Process:

– Determine the following:

    • Your desired outcome. Needs or pain points of the team. What do you want people to take away from the workshop?
    • The time you have to dedicate to participating in the workshop.
    • Your budget.

– Contact us and we will work with you to find the best coach and workshop to fit your needs


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