The Power of Coaching

This coaching experience exceeded my expectations

I was so surprised by how accurate the test was in identifying my traits.  I have never thought about these traits as talents and that was a huge game changer for me.  I feel so much more confident in my talents and skills.  I would recommend this to anyone at any point in their lives.  I will benefit from this experience for the rest of my life. – Marian Richards

I can certainly read the report on my own and watch videos or podcasts, but having a coach to work through the process with was well worth the investment. – Deborah Thompson

This coaching experience exceeded my expectations.  Ryan provided great insights into my strengths and helped me learn how to actually DO something with this assessment. – Joshua Shi

I’ve taken an assortment of these tests and feel that CliftonStrengths® had a greater impact on me. Going through my 34 provided much more depth into who I am, how I behave and why and how I interact with people. – Dotty Peterson

I would not have been able to maximize The Clifton 34 program without the help from Coach Baker. He helped me understand each strength and we were able to see how those strengths apply to my everyday life. – Alex Scarce

One of the best experiences I ever had! – Alex Santos

It was more than I could have hoped for.  Going through my strengths alignment really helped me to see where I need to be taking my business.  It helped me to see the bigger picture and allowed me to have a bigger dream. I am no longer scared to go for my dreams because I can see how I was uniquely created to be successful in them. – Laurie Parrent

Earlier this year I took the strengths finder test and received my results. When I began reading through them I realized the knowledge was great but I needed more direction on how they applied to me and my life. This is when I decided I needed some coaching. – Jyi Hutchins

Self- Awareness

I don’t need to pretend anymore

My coach helped me see that I don’t need to pretend anymore or be someone I’m not. My strengths are powerful and knowing them now helps me see how to operate in my higher self. – Carl Marrelli

I felt like I have a greater understanding and appreciation at how God created me and how best to use my strengths to lead, create, and inspire others. – Hung Thach

Knowing the distinctive qualities of my signature strengths will help me as I determine how to best align my gifts and abilities with organizations where my strengths will be best suited and used.  This is a process I will definitely recommend to others. – Lana Bills

I learned more about myself in the sessions we had together than I ever thought possible. I was not disappointed, and I have already begun talking to my friends about the success I had with this training. – Stanton Honour

I can highly, HIGHLY recommend this training.

I not only know more about myself now, but I know more about WHY I am myself.  I can highly, HIGHLY recommend this training. – Richard Young

I feel relieved that it’s not most important to change my weaknesses into strengths, but to celebrate how my specific talents can energize and benefit myself and those around me. – Sarah Hutts

Coach Dale was able to relieve me of the self-condemnation I have struggled with – Chuck Couch

I felt so much life from this experience! – Kimberly Woolridge

I feel relieved

I feel relieved that no matter how much work I put in, non-pattern is non-pattern. – Rachel Bergstrand

Our sessions opened my eyes to what I considered weaknesses, and now I see them as a benefit. – Danielle Kuznetsov

It was amazing to understand my strengths and validate them. I learned a lot about why I get positive and negative reactions from my strengths. – Forrest Webb

I gained clarity of my talents to help me focus my next chapter on what I am good at and enjoy, and to surround myself with the right team. – Whynde Kuehn

I went into this with ignorance as to how important, useful, and valuable my strengths were and came out of it with vision and purpose and excitement for what I bring to the table. – Laci Hill

Team Effect

It’s revolutionized the way we approach sales and networking. – Brittany Barden

We have everyone’s strengths mapped out and know how to move forward more effectively. It allows us to understand one another and grow in patience toward each other. – Sarah Showman

I am most often skeptical of such activities and concerned about how much time they take away from work and personal time.  However, I found this particular exercise to have been very meaningful and worth the investment of time. – Jim Marrs

It was valuable because it caused us to focus as a team on a vital part of our work that is often subordinated – our relationships with each other. – Adam Snider

As I consider the teams I lead, I know where to focus my energy and where to surround myself with others than can help where I am not as strong. – Justin Hutts

I see concrete ways we can better function as a team

I see concrete ways we can better function as a team and serve our customers and each other more effectively. – Jim Marrs

I learned more about what causes my team to struggle and learned that the areas they struggle in are the areas I LOVE to work in. We went ahead and swapped projects right then and there. – Brittany Barden

We are moving some functions around to better align with strengths of our team members. – Paul Robyn

We gained great insight into how we tick. As we looked back on 10-years of marriage we understood why we do certain things we do. Also, we gained a greater appreciation for each other’s strengths and how we balance each other. We make a great team! – Justin Hutts

Great Coaches

Marie did an amazing job.

Marie did an amazing job.  She was thorough, thoughtful and very insightful in what she shared with me personally as well as with our team.  I’d bring her back to do this again and can highly recommend her to anyone or any team considering doing this process. – Paul Robyn

Our coach was really patient and interactive – Sarah Hutts

Steve was the perfect person to coach our team through this exercise – Adam Snider

Mike did a fantastic job of asking the right questions that forced me to be reflective. I feel like I discovered more about myself…on my own…thanks to Mike’s coaching I left each session feeling empowered – Nick DeStefano

Jerri was wonderful to work with throughout this process! – Dan Bolsen

Marie is a wonderful coach, never trying to tell me what to do or how to fix me! – Catherine Jacobs

[Tara is the] best coach out of thirty (coaches) that I have ever had.  First class in every way. – Rocky Gay

I appreciate Pete’s coaching style.  He was able to connect with insights, experience and candid feedback that allowed me to learn and grow through the process. – Jody Thompson

I was thrilled with how insightful Tara was in interpreting and explaining the traits. Tara was so positive and knowledgeable.  – Marian Richards

Being coached on my strengths by Scott Frickenstein has been the most life-giving thing I’ve done in my career in the past five years. I had permission to think about me, to be understood by someone without any other agenda. – Christina Chappell, SVP for Client Experience and Outcomes, Dickerson-Bakker & Associates

Workplace Morale Turnaround

The power of living in strengths is like nuclear fusion in life

Problem: An SVP of Sales had a skilled team of Regional Sales Directors but the company was in the middle of a difficult transition due to an acquisition. It was no longer “business as usual.” The leader needed the team to remain steady and focused in the midst of the fog of the unknown. However, as the stress mounted, the team began to unravel.

Solution: The SVP hired a WeAlign Certified coach to coach his entire team. Each director received five hours of personal coaching through all 34 CliftonStrengths® talents. The regional directors grew in understanding of their unique strengths, self-awareness, and appreciation for other team members.

Results: The SVP learned the unique strengths of each director and leveraged those strengths. Team morale soared and leaders led with a new confidence. Within six months, every key goal was met or surpassed. One regional director stated, “The power of living in strengths is like nuclear fusion in life. It has literally changed every aspect of my life.”

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