Tara Viars

Associate Coach

Tara is a WeAlign Associate Coach and in the process of becoming certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She thrives on coming alongside an individual, guiding them as they understand and embrace their divine design. She has found joy in her own journey of personal development and desires to coach others into unlocking and maximizing their full potential. To see individuals living and working in greater joy, celebrating what God has powerfully placed within them, and creating paths to use their strengths for their good and God’s glory is the goal of her coaching.

Tara holds a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from Auburn University. She and her family have spent the last 20 years working cross-culturally with 3 different organizations, and the last 5 in a shepherding role seeking to bring resources for cross-cultural workers encouraging them to live authentic, healthy and joy-filled lives in third world countries. She plans to continue learning and maximizing her relational strengths and has found coaching to be a passion and a life-giving resource.

When at home in Alabama, Tara loves growing plants and chickens, taking long walks in the woods listening to her favorite brain science podcast, or connecting deeply with friends or family over coffee, tea or chai. She loves the travel to familiar but thrilling South Asian countries, or finding a new exotic place to snorkel. But in all her loves, she wants to be with her husband Michael of 26 years and any or all of their five living children (4 daughters ages 15-24, and a 12-year-old son), and waiting with hope to be reunited in heaven with their son Windle.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Adaptability, empathy, individualization, developer, harmony, and relator/em>

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