Associate Coach

Brittany Weldy, Associate Coach

Brittany Weldy is a WeAlign Associate Strengths Coach, and she supports WeAlign through financial administrative support. The Strengths Assessment is her key source for coaching young adults, millennials and couples discover their natural talents and gifts.

She discovered The CliftonStrengths assessment in 2014, and after unpacking it with a friend, she knew this tool was one that could help improve so many lives.  She helped form WeAlign in 2017 with the other partners, and the rest is history. Outside of WeAlign, Brittany has a Business Degree in Accounting/Finance, and worked in both For-Profit and Non-Profit finance since 2007.

Newly married in Jan 2019, Brittany is enjoying this new season of life with her husband, Colten. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and teaches at the local YMCA in Hannibal, MO. She also loves to garden and volunteer in her community and church in many capacities.

StrengthsFinder Top Talent Themes: Harmony, Analytical, Relator, Arranger, Connectedness