Executive Coach

Daniel Aytes, Associate Coach

Daniel Aytes is an ICF PCC credentialed Executive Coach and Speaker.

His passion is developing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders because Daniel believes in the power of people who are awake to their own potential, aware of their resources, and are championed to pursue their dreams.

Daniel has over a decade of experience working with individuals and work teams empowering people to discover and live out their core identity and uniqueness in order to fulfill their life purpose with vitality.

Daniel received coaching certification through Creative Results Management.
Daniel is also a certified provider of the PAIRIN SURVEY (www.pairin.com) for East Asia and Europe having been mentored since 2008 by Pairin’s co-founder, Dr. Ron Young.

Daniel enjoys drinking lots of coffee, traveling, laughing, making the best scrambled eggs ever and being silly with his kids. He currently lives in South Thailand with his wife, Rachel, and their four young daughters.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes:  Communication, Positivity, Empathy, Includer, Activator