Executive Coach

Gina Lokken, Executive Coach

Gina is a WeAlign Executive Coach, a Master Certified Coach Practitioner (MCCP), a REAL Essentials Life Certified Trainer, and a ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Her style of coaching provides a welcoming, creatively rich environment. This helps her clients fully express their freedom to experiment with who they are becoming in the eyes of God and opens them up to invent new possibilities and recognize that they already have all they need to be successful. She wants each person to embrace their unique gifts and talents, the significant role they play in this world, and that they are worthy of a great life.

Gina is driven to master the art of coaching, always learning and creating new ways to provide the most enriching experiences. She’s known for her thoughtful approach in helping others foster deep self-discovery, create forward momentum, and maximize their God given potential. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations lead by example, deepen relationships, and create new paths of thought, propelling them past what they originally thought was possible.

Gina is married with 3 children. They spend most of their time at their lake-side cabin, fishing, hunting, camping, visiting national and state parks, and hiking. Some of Gina’s favorite things include her relationship with Christ, her family, fancy coffee, spending time in nature, fishing, being creative (crafts, art, dreaming of what could be), serving others, and laughing uncontrollably.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes: Achiever, Activator, Futuristic, Relator, Empathy