Associate Coach

Greg Johnson, Associate Coach

Meet Greg, an accomplished leadership coach dedicated to providing personalized coaching tailored to the unique goals, challenges, and aspirations of the individual or team. With over three decades of organizational leadership, he has actively developed senior leaders in both corporate and nonprofit settings. Over this time, his greatest joy has been the trusted relationships that have extended beyond the coaching partnership.

With a passion for continuous learning, Greg has multiple degrees including a doctorate with an emphasis in leadership development from Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City. He is currently working on ICF certification, an expanded understanding of neuroscience relational tools and reads avidly to provide the most effective coaching strategies. In addition to coaching, he pastors a small congregation.

Greg and his wife, Karen reside in Texas. They have four children and five grandchildren. They are each other’s best friend and enjoy traveling, playing golf, attending collegiate football games. His vices are coffee and dark chocolate.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Achiever, Belief, Learner, Responsibility, Connectedness, Individualization