Executive Coach

Jerri Jensen, Executive Coach

Jerri connects meaningfully with a broad demographic of individuals and groups to help them maximize their potential. She consistently helps clients utilize strengths to reach higher levels of functioning and achievement than they ever thought possible.

For more than 25 years, Jerri has consulted and trained leaders to help them transform into the best versions of themselves personally and professionally. Jerri has served in national leadership roles for a non-profit, international organization, and helped this organization develop materials to meet strategic needs.

She holds a Master’s of Science in Counselor Education from the University of Wyoming and a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Resources and Family Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Joy abounds within her during playful moments with her puppies and family, while she is feeding her craving to learn, or when she feels a sense of achievement. She married her college sweetheart, Todd, nearly 25 years ago. Saturdays in the fall you would find the Jensens and their two boys tuned in to ESPN’s College Game Day with blissful anticipation for all the competition to follow…after she enjoys a morning run.

StrengthsFinder Top Talent Themes: Learner, Relator, Intellection, Restorative, Achiever