Associate Coach

Jill Williams, Associate Coach

Jill is a WeAlign Associate Coach and an ICF Associate Certified Coach. She helps leaders define their goals for personal leadership growth and understand their unique personal strengths using the CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment. Then, she helps them connect their strengths with their goals. This happens as they generate awareness of their unique needs, blindspots, and areas of growth and as they gain awareness of the ability to shift from strength to strength to adjust for different situations in order to live out their leadership goals.

Jill incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in her coaching. In addition to her ICF certification, she has been trained in concepts of emotional choice and believes our emotions to be our allies, rather than our enemies; we have more emotional choice than we may realize. Jill regularly studies a mixture of scripture, whole brain leadership and design in order to apply this understanding in a coaching context. She was a computer programmer, systems analyst and process designer prior to choosing to do what she wanted most – to stay at home with her children during their developmental years. She has been back at work as a coach now for three years and is privileged to serve others with a skill set that helps them be successful in accomplishing the things they want most.

Jill is married to her husband of 20 years, Phillip. They are blessed with three wonderful children. Their oldest son is on his way to Texas A&M University. Their youngest son has two years of high school remaining and their daughter is enjoying her years in middle school. When she’s not working, Jill enjoys taking on projects around the house, taking walks and watching shows like Treehouse Masters and Monk – all with her family.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes: Restorative, Achiever, Developer, Relator, Learner