Executive Coach

Matthew Soper, Executive Coach

Matthew has been a pastor in the local church for 30 years and has counseled, guided, encouraged, and mentored hundreds of people in that role. He has also worked with and led teams in clarifying their purpose and objectives and increasing their effectiveness. Matthew is a WeAlign coach, a member of ICF with associate certification in progress, and wants to “rehumanize the world through genuine identity and belonging and empower people to know and love their strengths, flourish in their contributions, and foster cultures fueled by joy.”

Matthew has a B.A. in Business Administration (Rhodes College), a B.S. in Biblical Studies (Institute for Christian Studies), a Master of Divinity (Princeton Theological Seminary), and a Doctor of Ministry (Abilene Christian University).

Matthew has been married since 1989 to his wife Angela and has two adult married daughters and a grandson. His hobbies are reading, fitness, watching movies with Angela, and dining out with great friends.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Harmony, Learning, Responsibility, Intellection, Achiever