Certified Coach

Sylvia Ryan, Certified Coach

The daughter of missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship, Sylvia was born in Guyana, South America and later lived in Irian Jaya and Jakarta, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States. She now resides in the beautiful mountains of central Idaho. Sylvia, alongside her friend and husband of 31 years, have raised three wonderful children, each who march to the beat of their own drum.

Sylvia holds a bachelor’s in Applied Studies/Humanities.  Sylvia is an experienced community organizer and has worked with youth serving organizations and community coalitions in both professional and volunteer capacities for more than 17 years.  She is an Idaho Certified Prevention Specialist, has completed numerous specialized trainings in skills related to coalition management, evaluation, and sustainability.  Sylvia is a Certified Professional Life Coach through Christian Coach Institute.  She is the founder and owner of Anew Life Coaching.  Sylvia feels God’s pleasure when she is working in the strengths and talents that He gifted to her.

Sylvia enjoys hanging out with friends and family, traveling, walking/hiking, gardening, reading, miniatures, and simply being.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Belief, Developer, Empathy, Includer, Connectedness