Certified Coach

Tara Green, Certified Coach

Tara coaches to inspire and grow leaders through the discovery and development of their strengths. She is passionate about empowering others to use their talents purposefully, cultivate new positive experiences, achieve their goals, and realize their potential.

Tara is a WeAlign Strengths Coach as well as a certified coach for the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence. She utilizes the CliftonStrengths® assessment as a foundational tool to help individuals grow in their self-awareness as well as their social and emotional intelligence.

Tara’s background includes an undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy followed by her service in the Army until the rank of Captain. Tara has a master’s degree in Adult Education with a focus in Leadership from Kansas State University. She is also a certified trainer of the U.S. Army’s resilience training program for soldiers and family members which is based on the principles of positive psychology. In addition to coaching, Tara works for the Thayer Leader Development Group.

Tara enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. She resides in Frederick, Maryland with her husband of 23 years. They have four children–two sons in college and two younger daughters who reside with them in Maryland.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes:  Individualization, Relator, Woo, Communication, & Strategic