Bob Nielsen

Bob Nielsen, Executive Coach

Bob is a WeAlign Executive Coach, ICF Associate Certified Coach and Certified Strength and Transformational Coach who helps individuals, teams, and leaders live out of their best self in service to others. He uses his experience and insight in StrengthsFinder® assessment and strength-based development tools along with many others resources that help his clients deepen their awareness and practical skills to accelerate the attainment of their goals.

With more than 40 years of organizational leadership development experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations, Bob is passionate about learning, and change. He’s known for his application of neuroscience to personal and organizational change strategies that help individuals and organizations intentionally transform. He has BA in Communications, and an MA/PhD in Counseling Psychology.

Bob is married to his wife of 24 years, Sherrill, and they reside in the luscious Ozark foothills of Rogers Arkansas. Bob has a lifelong passion (addiction) for flyfishing, and they both enjoy hiking, traveling, the outdoors, all the while building into the lives of people.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Connectedness, Belief, Context, Maximizer, Learner

Matthew Soper

Matthew Soper, Executive Coach

Matthew has been a pastor in the local church for 30 years and has counseled, guided, encouraged, and mentored hundreds of people in that role. He has also worked with and led teams in clarifying their purpose and objectives and increasing their effectiveness. Matthew is a WeAlign coach, a member of ICF with associate certification in progress, and wants to “rehumanize the world through genuine identity and belonging and empower people to know and love their strengths, flourish in their contributions, and foster cultures fueled by joy.”

Matthew has a B.A. in Business Administration (Rhodes College), a B.S. in Biblical Studies (Institute for Christian Studies), a Master of Divinity (Princeton Theological Seminary), and a Doctor of Ministry (Abilene Christian University).

Matthew has been married since 1989 to his wife Angela and has two adult married daughters and a grandson. His hobbies are reading, fitness, watching movies with Angela, and dining out with great friends.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Harmony, Learning, Responsibility, Intellection, Achiever

Greg Graves

Greg Graves

Greg Graves, Executive Coach

Greg is passionate about empowering people to grow and develop in areas that will enable them to live out their calling in life. In his decades of leadership in the Army and higher education, he has taught, mentored, and coached others in matters of the mind, heart, soul, and body. His research and experience supporting decision-making convinced him of the tremendous impact that values and character have on decision quality. He uses the CliftonStrengths® assessment to assist clients in exploring and appreciating their design and in determining strategies to realize their potential. He is a relational leader, and he is energized by the opportunities to walk with clients through the discovery process.

Greg is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. He received a Coaching Mastery Certificate through Creative Results Management. He is a West Point graduate, and he retired from the Army as a colonel. His Army career included assignments in Colorado, Virginia, New York, and Florida with deployments to Haiti and Iraq. He has a doctorate in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University where he serves on the faculty.

Greg has been married to his wife, Wya, for over 30 years, and they live in College Station, Texas. They have three adult daughters and one in high school. He enjoys spending time with his family, fellowship with friends, hiking, traveling, and watching Army and Aggie sports.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Achiever, Harmony, Consistency, Relator, Adaptability, Belief

Geoffrey Kuhlmann

Geoff Kuhlmann, Executive Coach

Geoff is a thoughtful, caring leader driven to help individuals and organizations to reach excellence through objective analysis of their company leadership and processes. Geoff went to West Point because he wanted to be an astronaut. Instead, Geoff became an engineer in the army for over 26 years, and has used his background in math and science to combine logic with his desire to empower subordinate leaders. Geoff is most passionate about inspiring the next generation of leaders, something he realized when he became an instructor at West Point. It is this passion and desire to inspire that Geoff will bring to any organization as a coach.

Geoff leads through influencing. He has more than 26 years of leadership experience through the Army, holding positions at all levels from a small 11 man team, to units of several thousand soldiers. Geoff is a WeAlign Certified Coach, a Gallup Certified Strengths coach, and he holds a PMP Certification.

Geoff is Married to Carla, and they have 5 wonderful kids. We love to spend our free time (when we have some) traveling and seeing the world together. Geoff enjoys exercising, crossfit, cycling, and swimming.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes: Relator, Command, Deliberative, Competition, Self-Assurance

Cat Gray

Cat Gray, Executive Coach

Cat loves 1:1 coaching with people who want to find out their kingdom identity and how to live in it more fully. She loves the fact that CliftonStrengths coaching helps us to do this more! She is also developing a series of group coaching programmes for Christians dealing with change, and likes to also be known as a change consultant!

Cat is an Associate Certified Coach through the ICF, has completed a leadership training programme with Destiny Coaching Ministries and also has a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health from The Neuroscience Academy.

Cat is married to James and has two sons. She lives in Bristol, UK and loves to snowboard, paddleboard and read books in her garden.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes:  Strategic, Developer, Responsibility, Belief, Connectedness

Daniel Aytes

Daniel Aytes, Associate Coach

Daniel Aytes is an ICF PCC credentialed Executive Coach and Speaker.

His passion is developing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders because Daniel believes in the power of people who are awake to their own potential, aware of their resources, and are championed to pursue their dreams.

Daniel has over a decade of experience working with individuals and work teams empowering people to discover and live out their core identity and uniqueness in order to fulfill their life purpose with vitality.

Daniel received coaching certification through Creative Results Management.
Daniel is also a certified provider of the PAIRIN SURVEY ( for East Asia and Europe having been mentored since 2008 by Pairin’s co-founder, Dr. Ron Young.

Daniel enjoys drinking lots of coffee, traveling, laughing, making the best scrambled eggs ever and being silly with his kids. He currently lives in South Thailand with his wife, Rachel, and their four young daughters.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes:  Communication, Positivity, Empathy, Includer, Activator

Gina Lokken

Gina Lokken, Executive Coach

Gina is a WeAlign Executive Coach, a Master Certified Coach Practitioner (MCCP), a REAL Essentials Life Certified Trainer, and in the final processes of becoming an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Her style of coaching provides a welcoming, creatively rich environment. This helps her clients fully express their freedom to experiment with who they are becoming in the eyes of God and opens them up to invent new possibilities and recognize that they already have all they need to be successful. She wants each person to embrace their unique gifts and talents, the significant role they play in this world, and that they are worthy of a great life.

Gina is driven to master the art of coaching, always learning and creating new ways to provide the most enriching experiences. She’s known for her thoughtful approach in helping others foster deep self-discovery, create forward momentum, and maximize their God given potential. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations lead by example, deepen relationships, and create new paths of thought, propelling them past what they originally thought was possible.

Gina is married with 3 children. They spend most of their time at their lake-side cabin, fishing, hunting, camping, visiting national and state parks, and hiking. Some of Gina’s favorite things include her relationship with Christ, her family, fancy coffee, spending time in nature, fishing, being creative (crafts, art, dreaming of what could be), serving others, and laughing uncontrollably.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes: Achiever, Activator, Futuristic, Relator, Empathy

Joe Devine

Joe Devine, Executive Coach

I am someone who is genuine and authentic, totally committed to the growth of others. I guide growth and performance using cutting edge tools. That is why I joined the WeAlign Tribe of Coaches. Using CliftonStrengths we help you turn talents into strengths. but we don’t stop there, we include brain exercises which help you to live your life fully!

I have 29 years working for 911 Communications. I brought those skills into coaching, first by Training with Keith Webb and earning a Certificate of Coaching Mastery and now joining WeAlign and being trained as a Strengths-Based Coach.

I love my bride of [almost] ten years Laura and the family we have together. Six children and nine grandchildren and one more on the way! Laura & I met dancing and still dance in our home! We love serving and loving others because Jesus first loved us.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes: Developer, Responsibility, Learner, Input, Relator

Erin Bader

Erin Bader, Executive Coach

As a life and leadership coach, Erin empowers others in their discovery of a life of freedom, significance and joy. She does this through the development of each person’s unique strengths.

For more than thirty years, Erin has inspired leaders in the medical field through the discovery of their strengths. She has empowered teams to be more productive in reaching their goals, and she believes it is only through knowing who you are that you can use your talents purposefully to discover freedom and significance. She brings this wealth of experience into the pages of her books so her readers can experience life transformation as they walk out their core values, gain clarity, utilize creativity and discover their greatest fulfillment in life.

Erin is a Certified Coach from Light University.

In her private life, Erin is a life-long learner. She enjoys quilting, traveling and outside activities with friends and family. She resides in Santa Paula, California with her husband, David, of thirty-one years. They have three children—a newly married daughter, a daughter, who is a high school senior, and a son who lives in heaven.

CliftonStrengths top talent themes:  Discipline, Responsibility, Achiever, learner, Focus

Jody Thompson

Jody is a WeAlign Executive Strengths Coach and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.  He is dedicated to helping each person identify, appreciate and develop the unique talents that are found within themselves. Jody is energized by connecting with people.  He thrives when he has the opportunity to coach a client to attack and crush their goals while reaching levels of achievement that they did not think possible.

Jody has coaching and mentoring experience beginning in 2002.  Jody is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving a one-year tour as a combat engineer platoon leader. His career in healthcare has involved leadership positions at several different levels of responsibility within multiple health systems.  In addition to the CliftonStrengths® assessment, the strategies and tactics that have been proven on the battlefield and in healthcare throughout his career in leadership serve as the foundation of Jody’s coaching practices.

Jody holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of South Dakota as well as a Master of Science in Clinical Practice Management from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Jody enjoys reading, hunting, hiking, backpacking and nearly anything outdoors.  He lives in the Cincinnati, OH area with his wife and two children.

CliftonStrengths Top Talent Themes: Relator, Analytical, Responsibility, Self-Assurance, Consistency

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