Who We Are to Our Clients

We are open and trustworthy partners who walk alongside you as we help you find the transformation you deeply desire. We bring you our expertise in strengths, joyful neuroscience practices, leadership, team development, professional and personal development.

We see you. We are glad to be with you. We have been there. 

Our coaches have experience in high levels of our military, in corporations, in small business, in working across cultures, in ministry, and in many other highly respected areas. 

We are your partner to see the growth you desire.

Who We Are to Our Coaches

WeAlign is a coaching movement, where we have a culture that highlights relationships, models excellence in coaching, creates belonging and is joyfully contagious. We are an international network that is fueled by a powerful vision, mission, values, and lots of joy. We share ownership, respect all, and ensure others are heard, seen, and valued. We are agile, having a few key structures in place to serve coaches and clients. WeAlign has a growth mindset, an attitude of abundance, and a desire to mature. We quickly include, serve, and share with others. We are creative, curious, and resourceful. WeAlign is generational and building a legacy that creates lasting positive change.

Our History

WeAlign was birthed from a personal transformation by our founder Dave Mead.  In 2016 Dave attended a strengths workshop where he discovered his own strengths and unique design.  He was so impressed with his personal growth from knowing his strengths, he desired to help others gain the same understanding and in October 2016 became a certified strengths coach. 

Dave developed the five-hour Strength Alignment Process (SAP) in January 2017 and it was a great success! With the help of others, this milestone launched WeAlign into officially becoming a company in February 2017. 

The SAP along with reflective tools, and affirmation exercises expanded into mega-churches and corporations. The power behind what became known as the team transformation workshop became clear and was developed throughout 2017.

During this time, Dave was so impressed with the science-rich content of the book Rare Leadership (Dr. Jim Wilder and Dr. Marcus Warner), that he began a deep dive into neuroscience.  The brain skills training he received then used in coaching, created breakthroughs with clients. Managers were stunned by how the neuroscience of joy brought about change within their teams. 

Dave had many clients, transformed by the SAP and ongoing coaching, who were interested in becoming coaches themselves.  In 2018, WeAlign opened the doors and invited other coaches to join.

2020 brought an increase in the number of coaches, client hours, and revenue after a compelling podcast with the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  The WeAlign Tribe, grew as the new coaches became part of the collaborative, caring, and supportive community.

Since 2020 WeAlign has grown to a Tribe of over 60 coaches. WeAlign’s client base has also seen significant growth and expansion into countless industries. 

The great news…..We’ve only just begun!

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