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“Rehumanize the world through genuine identity and belonging.”


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Our Vision

Rehumanize the world through genuine identity and belonging.

Our Mission

Build a premier global coaching movement that empowers people to know and love their strengths, flourish in their contributions, and foster cultures fueled by joy.

What Makes
Our Coaching Unique


We use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths 34 as our primary assessment tool. Our coaches use individual coaching sessions and dynamic group training to align individuals and teams with their unique designs.  Through our process individuals and teams walk away with a culture that leverages their strengths.

Emotional Intelligence

Our coaches are trained in neuroscience and emotional intelligence skills. These powerful tools create lasting change in clients, increasing their joy, enabling them to remain relational in difficult times, and lead from their true identity. While our CliftonStrengths information is left-brained, these brain skills activate the right brain.

Professional Coaching

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in the coaching profession. We are credentialed coaches through the ICF. Our coaches go through intensive training and are held to international standards and ethics, enabling them to help clients gain the results they desire.

Live In Your Strengths, Thrive in Joy, Reach Your Goals

  1. What would it be like to live in your strengths?

Living in your strengths means you are thriving, full of energy, and growing exponentially. According to Dr. Donald Clifton, the founder of CliftonStrengths, “If your senses are numbed with delusion and denial, you will stop looking for these true strengths and wind up living a second-rate version of someone’s life rather than a world-class version of your own.”

We help individuals and teams live a world-class life of their own.

  1. What about having more joy at work or in life?

Imagine an environment where people can restore their joy quickly when triggered and can manage conflict without relational collateral damage. The environment is peaceful, joyful, and full of positive energy. The people in this environment are not only productive but they are innovative, engaged, and loyal.

We help individuals and teams create this joyful environment.


  1. What if you could get unstuck or meet all your goals?

According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership. Unlocking these key resources inside means you and your team make progress in ways you never thought were possible. What would it feel like to be free and to reach your goals or dreams?

We have the keys to unlock you, your potential, and your team’s potential.

We Have a Coach
For You

We have coaches who serve almost every industry. Whether you are a C-suite executive, a small business owner, or an individual looking to grow, our coaches have the experience to serve your needs.

Here are a few examples of where our coaches are currently serving:

      Corporations       High / Mid / Low Level Leaders and Teams

Small Business






Women’s Development

Foster Care Families


Incarcerated Populations

Addiction Recovery

Here is What We Offer


Our proprietary and transformational Strengths Alignment Process takes individuals and teams through all 34 of their CliftonStrengths talents in 5 sessions. No other coaching firm offers this process, it is truly unique to WeAlign.

We offer coaching to leaders after their team has gone through the Strengths Alignment process enabling them to lead their team using  their strengths.

We offer Team Transformation Training for teams who have completed the Strengths Alignment Process. This training is a live, high-impact, interactive seminar that brings teams together through aligning strengths, identifying how to keep members in a high productivity zone, and neuroscience exercises to help members maintain healthy connections.

Ongoing Coaching

We offer ongoing coaching for individuals and teams to help them get unstuck, reach their goals or dreams, and ultimately unleash their potential. Our unique approach enables clients to regulate their emotions and remain themselves.


Our coaches can create a custom workshop to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to learn more about your team’s strengths, increase your team’s emotional intelligence, or grow personally. We have coaches and workshops for you.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Our coaching is fueled by joyful relationships. We encourage you to consider the type of coach that would serve you best and be a good fit for you or your team. It will be a good conversation!

If you would like help choosing a coach who would be a good fit for you or have additional questions you can fill out our contact card and our team with reach out to you.

Once you choose a coach and have all your questions answered then your coach will work with you and our administrative team to put together proposals, agreements, and payment options.

You Can Make a Difference

Are you a coach looking for a supportive team?

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of others?

Here at WeAlign Coaching, we believe that coaches should navigate this coaching journey in community. We have created a tribe of coaches that honor each coach’s uniqueness making you feel not only like you belong, but that you are among family. Our coaches serve one another with encouragement and also pass on resources and hard-learned best practices.

Interested in joining our team?


What Our Valued Clients Share About Us

This coaching experience exceeded my expectations. I was so surprised by how accurate the test was in identifying my traits. I have never thought about these traits as talents and that was a huge game changer for me…

Marian Richards

I don’t need to pretend anymore. My coach helped me see that I don’t need to pretend anymore or be someone I’m not. My strengths are powerful and knowing them now helps me see how to operate in my higher self. 

Carl Marrelli

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